Picture 1: „7.11.11 – Day of Commemoration for the victims of right-wing extremism in Poland after 1989. 39 killed. Thousands injured.”

Since 1989 each year has seen at least one person has died at the hands of Polish right-wing extremist.  Yes, we can start with that.  However its misuse; because in 1990 dozens were injured when nationalists attacked a gallery in Wrocław and anarchist demonstrators in Warsaw, because after all lives a student who had been attacked in 1991 – only because she „looked like a Jew”.  She was beaten and her face was cut.  She lost an eye.  But she’s alive.

There were fatalities in 1989, 1992, 1993, 1994 …

Andrew, at the station. 18 years old with anti-racist badges on his jacket, beaten with metal poles. (Were there other people on the train station? How long does it take to kill a man with metal poles? After all it doesn’t take place quietly?).

1995, 1996 …

Kamil, at an anti-racist concert. 15 years old, stabbed in the back with a bayonet.

1997 …

Anna and Robert, on a trail on the Table Mountains (Góry Stołowe). She was shot between the eyes, he in the back of his head. Dark-skinned man in Warsaw, 29 years old, stabbed to death. Furthermore, Adam, 17 years old, killed on the street. And a homeless woman in Łódż. Don’t forget about Kornelia, who after being beaten gave birth to a disabled daughter. However, Kornelia lives.

1998 …

Piotr, on the beach. Looks „like a faggot”. People connected to NOP, there are three of them, at first they tried to drown Piotr; after they jumped on his head. Cause of death: crushed skull due to heavy boots. (And again, weren’t there other people on the beach, in Władysławowo, after all it is impossible that there would only be Piotr and the other three on a beach in August?). To add to that, the mentally disabled Pamela, who was at home. 12 years old, a bottle of petrol was thrown through the window. After she was taken to hospital with heavy burns. However, Pamela is alive. (Does Pamela even understand what had happened? Are disabled 12 years olds able to understand, who is of Roma origin? A healthy person? An adult?)

1999, 2000 …

Grzegorz, at home. He is an alcoholic, he is forced to drink a caustic liquid. (Ones talks of death in agony, how long does to take to die in such a way? 10 minutes? Half an hour? Longer?)

2001, 2002 …

There were no fatalities in 2002. Injured people after the attack at Elektromadonna squat survived.


Jakub is 16 years old, his father comes from Algeria and racist posters are stuck-up in the area. Jakub once got stabbed in the lung. He kills himself because of the harrasement.

2004, 2005, 2006 …

Again, no fatalities in 2005. Maciej is described on the Redwatch page on the internet as the living enemy of the race. The blade missed his heart by a few milimetres.

Ronald „Roni” Kalinowski, killed in 2007. Is this the end?

A PE teacher survived being stabbed with a knife in 2008.  In 2009, people managed to extinguish the fire in the attacked apartment of Chechen emigrants, and the same year a Molotov cocktail was thrown through a window of an anti-fascist activist and didn’t manage to hit the target. Don’t forget about the marriage of a Polish man and woman from Pakistan, where someone set fire to the door, again, nothing happened. (If someone comes in the night to set fire to the door, can one even say that nothing had happened?) A house in Krośnica where Roma were living fortunately didn’t burn down after being pelted with Molotov cocktails a few days previously. Perhaps that was better?

On 23 May 2010 in Warsaw police officer shot and killed an emigrant from Nigeria. I still do not know why he is still free, without any trial. (Can be as easy to shoot if the victim was white?)

In the April 2012 in Białystok they hit again – a young man was killed and several others were taken to hospital after fascist attack.

Almost every year, a murder. Because of how they look. Because of their origins. Their anti-fascist activities. There are years in which there was more than one victim. The data collected by „Never Again” – monitoring organization,  show that at least 39 people have been killed from the hands of the far right extremists since 1989. How many were beaten? How many wounded?

Picture 2: „On 25th August 1997 in Łódź, Lech P. connected with a group of local nationalists bound up and beat a homeless woman, who was collecting rubbish, she died because of her injuries. In May 1998, in Police (a town), as part of the „Fatherland town” action, a pair of nationalist activists Robert Ł. and Fryderyka O. murdered a 55 year old homeless man Stanisław J.”

translation: theredandblackstork.wordpress.com