From the editors of Polish neo-fascist organisations such as All-Polish Youth (MW) and the National Radical Camp (ONR), organisations who openly advocate anti-Semitism, xenophobia and attack minorities, have been disguised in new clothes over the past few years.  The tactic that they use has been known for a long time in the business world as rebranding . It is the process of changing the perception of the group by changing elements of its communication, which usually involves a change of name, image and logo. Therefore neo-fascists founded  the”March of Independence” (Stowarzyszenie Marsz Niepodległości) association and later the „National Movement” (Ruch Narodowy) – in order that awareness of the new names that appeared in public will not be associated with the damaged names of MW or ONR . Actually, the rhetoric and ideology remain the same.

However, the plans of polish neo-fascists from the  „national movement” don’t end withrebranding. Currently they would like to introduce their candidates to the European Parliament, and there they plan to cooperate internationally with other nationalists – the next step is the establishment of the party (only then can they enter into formal international alliances which are connected with lucrative jobs and money – this truth is well known by the leaders of the „national movement” such as Krzysztof Bosak or Artur Zawisza). They have a relatively formal cooperation with the Alliance of European National Movements.  However, less is known about the informal cooperation with other extreme ultra-nationalist groups from other European countries that are now strengthening their cooperation within the European National Front.

Below we recall the text of was presented in Polish in November 2013, which illustrates the relationship of the neo-fascist polish „national movement”, with neo-Fascist / neo-Nazi groups in Europe. It was created on the basis of reports and photos of representatives of different neo-fascist groups from other countries , who appeared in Warsaw, Poland at this year’s so-called „March of Independence”.

Neo-fascist Europe – the international connections of the Polish National Movement (Ruch Narodowy)

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The following text is the result of an analysis of antifascists from several countries as regards the cooperation of the Polish „national movement” with other neo-fascist organizations in Europe.

After the brutal attack by participants of the „Marsz Niepodleglosci“ on the„przychodnia“ squat on the 11th of November 2013 and the riots in the city afterwards, the public and media discussions rapidly concentrated on the responsibility of the march organisers for the incidents. On various occasions though, they have had the chance to defend themselves or even legitimise different actions such as the burning of the rainbow at Plac Zbawiczela while again using their homophobic rhetoric.

Journalists, publicists or other participants in this discussion have at almost no point focussed on things to which the organisers can be held responsible for to a level of 100%. A fusion of the Polish “National Movement” over the last 24 months with the international network and invited international participants to the march.  Most of them are directly connected to the so-called “international third position” and are organised in a European wide network of radical, militant and neo-fascist groups. This offers a clear proof of the fascist background ot the “Ruch Narodowy” ideology.

The public of Poland to some extent probably doesn’t know about this structure, and they should with urgency notice that the “patriotic” propaganda of the “Ruch Narodowy” (“National Movement”) speakers, as well as of the “Młodzież Wszechpolska” (“All-Poland Youth”) is nothing more than a rhetoric which is tactical, something clear by their choice of European fascist partners.  The network of people around the “National Movement” is far more radical than those who are unfortunately more or less established right-wing populist parties like that of Gerd Wilders (the Netherlands) or the “kind of moderately reformed” Front National, now lead by Marie Le Pen.

It has to be massively made clear what kind of international important one can ascribe to the “March of Independence” at the moment.  During such events occurs the central structure of communication and exchange of ideas for the neo-fascist movement of Europe.  This is linked with the transfer of knowledge through different ways and as long as the public doesn’t react, they will utilise this possibility.

The size and dynamic of the “National Movement” in Poland fascinates other structures in Europe, which are working only partly due to decades of an almost success which offers comparison.  Everyone can read on the Facebook and internet pages of these organisations, structures and parties.  Vital, so it seems, is the fact that, besides the collaboration with the “National Movement” and the “March of Independence” association, nearly all of these international organisations are connected to the German neo-fascist “National Democratic Party” (Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschland/ NPD) or other independent German  Neo-Nazi structures),  who not  only  directly  refer  to  the  fascist  NSDAP  and therefore to the brutal crimes committed by the German Nazis against the Polish nation in WWII, but also using highly racist anti-Polish propaganda in the German-Polish border regions!

Somebody in media should ask about this!

Fig.1. Representatives of European neo-fascist and nationalist groups at the „March of Independence”, Warsaw, 2013

In particular the following took part in the “March of Independence””

Hungary: Jobbik (“Movement for a better Hungary”):

For years Jobbik is currently the most succesful neo-fascist party in Europe. The close collaboration between Jobbik and „National Movement“/ „Mlodziez Wszechpolska“ is known for a long time. Jobbik is in Europe wide known for its radical anti-semitism, homophobia and racism (especially against Roma people) and is directly connected with brutal attacks on Roma villages. This year, leading Jobbik radicals, such as Mirkóczki Adam joined the Polish march and signed publicly a treaty of co-operation. Before the „March of Independence” Polish and Hungarian nationalists held a joint march. The speech on Plac Defilad (Warsaw) was made by the leader of Jobbik – Vona Gabor – which is a strong sign of the importance they give to the „National Movement“. Gabor has been known for many years for his radical anti-semitism and racism. Even Laszlo Torochkai,, member of the HVIM, (the more radical organisation calling for Hungary to have the old borders of pre-1920), gave an interview to Hungarian TV live from Plac Defilad.

Fig.2. Representatives of Jobbik at the „March of Independence”, Warsaw, 2013

Fig.3. Gabor Vona (Jobbik) speech during „March of Independence”, Warsaw, 2013

Italy: Forza Nouva(FN):

Like with what happened in 2012, a delegation of about 30 members from the Italian neo-fascist party Forza Nuova took part in the march of 2013. The leader of FN, Roberto Fiore, held a speech at Plac Defilad and he can be seen as one of the key figures of the radical right in Europe of the previous century. He was one of the founders of the „Third Position“, which was at first a neo-fascist co-operation between British and Italian neo-fascists which was later to be remade into the „international third position“ (with the participation of the polish neo-fascist party – Narodowy Odrodzenie Polski, NOP) and since 2005 formed the „European National Front“ (which featured the participation of the German NPD) to which also Jobbik and other participants (see below) of the march belong. The public in Poland did not take even notice from this fact that the he was one of the speakers at the starting point of the „March of Independence“. Everything can be seen on his personal Facebook-page  ( Roberto Fiore is not only a central person in the actual neo-fascist but also has a very interesting  history.  This speaker  at the  „March of Independence“  was  through  the  „Third Position“ (Terza Posizione) connected to the neo-fascist terror-organisation  »Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari« (NAR/ Armed Revolutionary Cell) and suspected to be a member. In the 1980s he escaped to British exile after been indicted to be connected to the Bolgna train station bombing 1980 in which 85 people died. In his absence he was convicted to 10 years prison.  During  the  years,  he  often  propagandised  the  „strategy  of  tension“: continuing attacks and strikes to strengthen insecurity and fear among political enemies and migrants. (which looks, even though till now on a lower scale, similar to the continuing attacks on different groups or people in Poland! It is important to see that this strategy has been used successfully in other countries and the people should uncover the rhetoric of the „National Movement“). With Roberto Fiore, the „National Movement“ invited one of the strategists of European militant neo=fascism!!

Fig.4. Representatives of Forza Nouva at „March of Independence”, Warsaw, 2013

Fig.5. Roberto Fiore (Forza Nuova) speech during „March of Independence”, Warsaw, 2013

Slovakia and Czech Republik:  Radical Boys/ Autonomous Nationalist Czech Republic and Sovenska Pospolitost’ (Slovak Brotherhood) :

Both of these groups are undoubtedly connected to European militant neo-fascist groups (Photo below: “Radical Boys” in Warsaw 2013). Both groups are highly connected with the anti-Roma riots terror towards Roma villages in both countries.  In this they are part of an international co-operation with not only the ONR structure and AN (Autonomous Nationalists) structures in Poland and Hungary, but also with AN and neo-fascist groups in Germany.  All of these groups have their roots in a radical nationalism, racial/folkish thinking with an extreme racism and the unrelenting willingness to use violence against others.  Especially regarding the connected German groups do we see a closeness to the crimes of (German) fascism in WWII, as well as with their radical anti-semtism.  During the “March of Independence” Michal Buchta and Jakub Skrabak were the representatives from “Slovenska Pospolnost”.

Fig.6. Representatives of Slovak and Czech neo-fascists at „March of Independence”, Warsaw, 2013

Sweden: Nordisk Ungdom (Nordic Youth):

To add to this tradition of the fascist movement in inter-war Europe we see the Nordisk Ungdom (Nordic Youth). They not only take part repeatedly in the “March of Independence” but also reported from the nationalistic congress in the June of last year in Poland.  They work together with the youth organisation of the German NPD Junge Nationaldemokraten (young national democrats) and are also connected to structures of autonomous nationalists in Germany.  As part of their self-expression they name the JN as being their idols!  The 1933 founded, “Swedish National Socialist Party (Svenska Nationalsocialistiska Partiet/ SNSP) had a youth organisation with the same name „Nordisk Ungdom“ which was in early years very similar to the German „Hitlerjugend“ before developing their own „Scandinavian fascism“. On their Facebook page, NU writes that the „Polish Youth (MW) is leading Europe into a new era!“. In their political work, they highly refer to islamophobic racism and also direct actions against others. They are also close to the previously mentioned ENF (European National Front). In total there have been around 25 Scandinavian neo-fascists, also from Norway, in Warsaw.

Fig.7. Representatives of Nordisk Ungdom at „March of Independence”, Warsaw, 2013 (whole group was bigger)

Netherland: Flaams Voorpost:

Flaams Voorpost is an ultra-right organisation, connected to the NPD and other German Neo-Nazis, especially in western Germany. They can be described as being a purely neo-fascist organisation.  They have members in Netherlands, Belgium and South Africa.

Fig.8. Representatives of Flaams Voorpost at „March of Independence”, Warsaw, 2013

Spain: Democracia Nacional:

Democracia Nacional is neo-fascist group from Spain directly referring to Falanga Fascism of the 1930s. It is modelled on the Front National (FN) of France, and grew indirectly out of several defunct parties like the CEDADE group (that openly had Neo-Nazi links) and Juntas Españolas.

Fig.9. Representatives of Flaams Voorpost at „March of Independence”, Warsaw, 2013

France: Renouveau Francais (RF):

Renouveau Francsis is an right-wing organisation in France which is connected to the far-right wing of the „Front National“. They work against the „moderate“ candidate Marie Le Pen when she succeeded to run the  party. They are well known because of their  radical  Christian  homophobic  propaganda  and  acts against  all  kinds  of migration. They are also connected to the “European National Front:. On their behalf, their speech was given by Thibaut de Chassey.


Fig.10. Representatives of Renouveau Francais at „March of Independence”, Warsaw, 2013

Fig.11. Thibaut de Chassey (Renouveau Francais) speech during the „March of Independence”, Warsaw, 2013.

Croatia: Hrvatska Čista Stranka Prava (Croatian Pure Law Party):

HCSP is an ultra right-wing Party in Croatia. It’s leaders refer to the fascist Collaboration-Regime in WWII and celebrate the crimes of the Ustasha-Army and their crimes against Jews, partisans and civilians.

Fig.12. Representatives of Hrvatska Čista Stranka Prava at „March of Independence”, Warsaw, 2013.


The participation of so many members of the “European National Front” is a clear signal for the upcoming elections to the European Parliament in the May of 2014, where one can expect the Polish “National Movement” to offer themselves as candidates.  They are planning a co-operation with other parties that can be easily move into the parliament (such as with Jobbik) and, once having the status of a political party, officially join the “European National Front”.  This is interesting, because up until now, only the ultra-nationalist Polish party NOP is a member and it is quite abnormal to have different parties from one country.  However, NOP delegates from Łódź took part during the “March of Independence” for the first time this year.  Perhaps this is another sign of an upcoming co-operation on Polish ground?

In any case, when one pays attention to the facts, no-one can say that it is not a fascist demonstration in Warsaw.  All international organisations are more or less “invited” and have organisational and personal contact with leading members of the Polish “National Movement”.