This is a seventh time that Katowice hosts participants of European Economic Congress. On 20-22 April 2015 to Silesia will come almost 6 000 representatives of bureaucracy’s elites; EU commissioners, prime ministers, presidents of international’s corporations and economic scientists. Behind closed doors, under the cover of police’s cordons, they will be discussing EU investments program, energy production, role of each member countries in the economy…

Like every year also this time there will be no place for those, who suffer the consequences of Congress debate and neoliberal politic. On the EEC’s guests list we won’t find employee of shutdown companies, excluded communities, young people who are on the horns of a dilemma – unemployment or emigration. We also won’t find people who are deprived of labor rights, working on a junk contracts, neither of these who are trapped in indebtedness and loans.

We took our lessons from financial meltdown witch last seven years, we know what brings exclusion. Too long we are suffering the consequences of decisions which have been taken behind closed doors. Idea of an economic congress compromised oneself – with bankruptcy of the global financial system and economic collapse of Greece, Spain or Ireland. That’s why we are convinced that authorities should be returned in the hand of the people – self-government, workers, employees and local community – who are organized on the basis of the solidarity, autonomy and voluntary principles.

That is why we created Alliance of Anarchists Groups and organized protest against European Economic Congress in Katowice. We want to prove (in practice and in theory) that via the self-organization and radical acting, society is able to oppose to dictatorship of money and bureaucracy which are represented by EEC. We want to make an open space for discussions. We want to show that there is no acquiescence in governments of oligarchy.

We encourage every organizations, groups and people who are committed to participation democracy, who share our point of view, and who are ready to take part in action. Together we are fighting for the authenticity, grassroots movements despite of nationality, skin color or sexual orientation. That is why we
are not tolerating fascist, totalitarian, racist, sexist or homophobic groups.